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Focusing on ETFs

One of the key areas in finance that has helped bridge the gap between retail traders (e.g. the public) and institutional traders (e.g. investment banks/hedge funds etc) has been ETFs. They offer low cost barriers to entry and also provide some risk protection by automatically offering diversification benefits as they're a basket of stocks typically as opposed to picking just 1 stock. They have their pros and cons but overall they're pretty good.

In the spirit of turning static data into powerful insights we decided last year to build something that takes the powerful data produced by the ASX and Chi-X and turn that into an interactive application that allows people to quickly see what's happened in the market not long after those stats are published each month. This turned into the ETFtracker application and it's subsequent iterations. This then turned into a website and even appearnaces on financial news channels to share the insights from the numbers we crunch.

If you're interested in ETFs then you may be interested in the following links:

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