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Coronavirus / Covid-19 Tracker


This app was built in February/March 2020 as a response to the growing Covid-19 pandemic. The data comes from the great work done by Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE). They made the data available online here:

This dataset contains confirmed, recovered and deaths across the globe. I've put together a mini-dashboard that users can either use to filter across different regions and then by clicking on each tile can go into a more detailed section of the app.


  • When Covid-19 first hit the headlines in Feb/March 2020, there weren’t many interactive application that gave users an ability to explore the data. Users had to either download and figure out how to do their own spreadsheet analysis or had to search for apps that could help

  • Community of customers and internal staff at company I worked for were not aware of some of these apps or where data was available



  • Sourcing the daily created Covid-19 data from Johns Hopkins, we used CoFlows technology to ingest and clean the data and built an app in Power BI that would allow the public to easily access these insights

  • By making this publicly available we were able to help our network of clients and partners easily access daily updates about Covid-19 and explore the insights in an easy to use app

You can access the app below and click on the expand button (bottom right for a full screen view OR go directly to the app on the access link further down.

Access Link

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