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Company Philosophy

We believe the world of the future is data driven

As much as this has been the case for a long time, there is still more to go in terms of improving the way people and businesses use data. Access to tools and methods to harness data are easier than ever to grasp yet many companies still struggle to do more than basic reporting. This has to change. Some basic principles in the world of data we believe in include:

  • Interactive beats Static - when reports are provided, if possible, they should be made interactive. It might not be the whole report but at least a good section should be dedicated to making the data available as an interactive element. This could be charts or tables and it may be for internal use only or shared with outsiders. Either way, interactive encourages exploration, more questions and more profound answers.

  • A culture of experimentation leads to better products - no one can predict the future, as much as they may try. There is a lot of unknown so planning to build any kind of product without a good sense of the market is madness. Experimenting, deploying a lean startup approach or simply focusing on small scale MVPs (minimum viable products) with your users will lead to better overall products than if you were to work in a vacuum. This has to be part of the company DNA and whilst culture shifts are not easy, they are necessary to survive in the new world driven by data. 

  • Digitisation does not happen without good APIs - APIs are the lifeblood of any efficient information sharing process. The world is changing to become far more digitised than ever before and with companies and cities experimenting with digital twins, now more than ever, there is a need to have APIs a part of your day to day ecosystem. Sharing your data with clients who need it or ingesting new information you need to get you over that next hump, APIs are at the centre of that new world.

  • You win with People, Data and Technology - when all 3 are in harmony you have the foundations of a good core. We work to help companies realise this superpower. If it's only 2 of these factors working well it can still lead to problems so all 3 are necessary to avoid data traps. 

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