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About the founder


Mark Monfort

Mark Monfort, company founder and Managing Director, is a data analytics and technology advocate at heart. He lives and breathes the ecosystem and has a storied career focusing on the creation of data-driven solutions across a variety of industries in Australia and overseas. He began his career in insurance and audit but it was his time as an analyst at CommInsure (part of Commonwealth Bank) that fuelled his passion for the better path that analytics could lead to. He saw the pain and frustrations of working in an area full of data but without great tools to properly harness it.

A move to ABM Systems showed him the way of doing more with data and financial/business analysis thanks to data tools like QlikView, Prodacapo and Adaptive Insights. Whilst the tool usage has evolved over time (adding Qlik Sense, Tableau, Power BI and more), the opportunity to help businesses navigate the world of data has remained the same.

Mark spent a good portion of the last 6 years focusing on data and technology in the world of financial markets, combining his skills with an understanding of macroeconomics and fundamental equity research. Leveraging the knowledge learnt from working in equity research firms and at the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), he has a strong knowledge of the capital markets here and overseas. Using these skills he bring to light the type of technologies and data that can help these institutions as well as other corporations drive more revenue, cut costs or reduce risk in their operations.


He continues to fight for good causes with his most recent data and technology forays leading into the world of sustainable development and climate change.

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