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Australian ETFtracker


ETFtracker is an online resource of apps, articles, videos and more covering the Australian Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) markets. It began as simply an app but grew into it's own website with monthly analysis updates, some of which are seen online. The app sources data from the ASX and Chi-X exchanges as well as information from the various ETF Issuers. The apps enable visual analysis of the markets as well as detailed analytics and other forms of analysis.


  • ETF data provided by ASX and Chi-X sits in static PDF and Excel files which are not interactive

  • The reports showcase showcase some charts and trends for particular metrics but if you want more than that then you need to piece things together yourself

  • Investors wanting to track performance trends or see how inflows have been going into an ETF before they buy are required to do plenty of work before being able to answer questions they have

  • Having many investors or analysts do this themselves and not share it means that any new insights gained are done in siloes and the collective knowledge only goes so far



  • Using data management software (CoFlows) to stitch together the various data assts and data visualization tools (Power BI) to create interactive dashboards we were able to turn these raw datasets into powerful insights

  • Embedding the app into the ETFtracker website means that investors and analysts interested in ETF data can easily access historical insights and compare performance across categories and funds

The app has its own website here: where it is embedded into the “Our Apps” page.


You can access the app below or from the link above.

Additionally, there is an app that we added onto this site for a specific look at 2020 performance. This Year in Review app is also shown below.

Access Links

Access ETFtracker here: LINK


Access the ETFtracker Holdings Apps here: LINK

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