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APRA Fund Level Statistics


APRA (Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority) releases annual updates which showcase various insights into fund performance. This data is made available as a set of Excel tables/files.

This app makes the data more explorable and has a main dashboard with 6 tiles that users can click on, an information button to describe what is on each page and a back button for users to navigate back to the homepage once they have drilled down into the app.


  • Similar to the MySuper heatmaps, APRA also publishes Excel files containing Annual Superannuation Fund datasets

  • These datasets span multiple years but to analyse performance across any of the metrics, users would need to manually do this in Excel



  • Using Power BI, we created a GUI (graphical user interface) that showcased a snapshot of performance across 6 different metrics as a dashboard

  • Users wishing to look at more detail in any of these 6 sections can simply click any of these tiles to see more details

You can access the app below and click on the expand button (bottom right for a full screen view OR go directly to the app on the access link further down.

Access Link

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