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Why Choose

New Era Analytics?


We are passionate about data and technology

Our approach to data and technology stems from our passion for seeing the transformation it can achieve. Having been an analyst without great tools and knowing the frustrations that can be alleviated through technology, it is something we want to pass on to clients and partners we work with. 


We bring our global and multi-industry experience

We have local and global experience across different industries working in Sydney, Melbourne, London and New York that we bring to our engagements. Despite the world being a smaller place nowadays, there are still ways of data strategies and techniques that are not necessarily being deployed in the local market.


We can be your data translators 

We are multi-lingual in technology and business speak. This is thanks to our experience working in data analytics as a consultant as well as being on the customer side. We bring this understanding of both sides to our engagements and help customers better understand the world of data and how that can relate to their business model. We are the trusty sidekick for those moments when technology and data gets too confusing.


We understand where the world of data, technology and people are going

Many industries are evolving and their use of data is going up. More and more organisations are seeing their data as an asset and need to harness it for either internal or external purposes. Helping businesses see where they are going comes part and parcel with our Advisory services.


Network / Connections

Using our network of clients, partners and associations, we can do more than just provide you with data and technology solutions. We can also help your business answer questions that keep you up at night. Things like, 'what kind of apps could I make with my data?' and 'who do I sell this to?'. Thanks to the NEA network, we can help you answer these questions today.

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