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Robinhood User Growth tracker


This app explore the data found from the now defunct Robintracker application which pulled, via API, user growth statistics for the US trading site Robinhood. It stopped in August 2020 but can be found here:

Taking that data, I’ve put it into an app you can see below which allows users to do different sorts of data visualisations than what’s in the original website.


  • With news that Robinhood, the US trading app, was making its data available to the public, an website called Robintrack was made which shared the data and some charts

  • The charts had some level of interaction for exploration but could not do things like group stock symbols together



  • Creating an interactive app in Power BI which sourced the same data from Robintrack and adding extra filtering features to the original app meant that users could explore the data in more ways

  • Analysis of user behaviour on arguable the most popular US retail trading app gave a strong glimpse into the mindset of the retail trader.

  • The app was active until Robinhood shut down their API but it remains here as an example of what can be done with investment user data

You can access the app below and click on the expand button (bottom right for a full screen view OR go directly to the app on the access link further down.

Access Link

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