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Welcome to New Era Analytics

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Welcome to New Era Analytics, a company dedicated to turning your raw data into powerful and actionable insights.

There are so many ways to begin these proverbial "welcome to my site" blogs. If you search on Google there are dozens. I searched and found so many different ways but thought the best way was to just tell you why this got started and what it's all about.

New Era Analytics was born because I believe in the following:

the world of the future is data-driven.
data and technology can be used to solve problems and create insights that can be actioned.
many a company and its people could benefit if they knew about available technologies and how to use them better.

I also believe that there are many people out there who can harness the power of data and technology as well and use it to their own benefit or share that with others. However, they might not yet know about their superpower...yet.

It isn't easy picking a new business name but after mulling over a few options decided on this. As the name suggests, I believe there is a "new era" for analytics in Australia and my mission is to help companies and people get the most out of what they're doing in the field of data (whether they are sophisticated, or not).

If it's a customer trying to better understand how their reports can be made more interactive or an analyst just getting started in their career and wanting some guidance, our services are here to help.

New Era Analytics will provide a range of services and advisory offerings to businesses big and small. Whilst our expertise sits mainly within the finance and economics space, our knowledge has been made useful across different industries (such as energy markets, property and health).

For more about what New Era Analytics can do for you check out these links:

For more information about us check out these links:

The road to success in using data and technology at your organisation may have already begun. But, if you want to learn more about how you can accelerate and make it even better, then come as you are and bring your data.

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