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Tech Trends for 2021

For those who are in the data or technology space and haven't heard of Ark Invest, it may be time you have a listen to what they've got to say. They just published their Big Ideas Report for 2021 which is a valued commodity for those who believe in their stock-picking capabilities. It gives a great insight into their current thinking about the world but sadly, it's release was overshadowed by the craziness that has been the Gamestop (GME) moment for investing. In any case, it is the highlight of the year for many, so what's it all about?

Ark Invest put it best when they say that this report...

"seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the convergence, market potential, and long-term impact of disruptive innovation by researching a global universe that spans sectors, industries, and markets"

Whilst their main focus is on investing (there's a lot of focus on CAGR - compound annual growth rates), the trends they talk about are the kinds of things that will affect data and technology folks as well as disrupt many businesses in the years to come.

They cover areas such as Deep Learning and Virtual Worlds (augmented reality) as well as Automation, Orbital Aerospace and Multi-Cancer Screening. The common thread that runs through it all is the technology that ties things together and underpins the future world being created right now.

The report showcases a variety of examples where change is happening. This may be incumbent (read, legacy) technologies that are potentially being threatened by newcomers (see the section on data centers) to lowered barriers to entry (lower costs of computing, EV batteries, etc).

It's quite good at painting a picture for where things are potentially moving to and a lot of research goes into it. That picture is painted even better with great usage of charts that provide evidence to back up their thinking.

Even without ARK Invest and these types of reports it's pretty clear that we're living in an age of disruption and a need to be aware of the coming changes in society, whether you're an investor or not.

You can sign up to access the Big Ideas Report on the Ark Invest website for free here:

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