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Data Literacy Training

The digital economy, like Rome, will not be built in a day. It will take time and effort but a key proponent to being to bring in new data and services and to share digital information with them is APIs. We need them to enable us to join the dots and to make the world of sharing information and turning that into insights.


At NEA, we partner with CoFlows, a technology provider who provides infrastructure for developers to deploy their services and allows them to implement simple yet comprehensive monetisation strategies for their workflows.


CoFlows is built upon the understanding that the economy is a complex web of value chains. In the digital age, what connects each of the elements in these value chains are WebAPIs.


Any commercial service requires a smooth integration with authorisation, authentication, payments and subscriptions in order to create a coherent user experience. While there is a plethora of services that make it possible to implement these features, implementing these services is very time consuming and requires a relatively high degree of sophistication. Furthermore, integrating these fragmented services in order to have a fully coherent user and developer experience is far from trivial.



  • Implement logic and expose as a web api

  • Add a monetisation strategy to the above 

  • Agent to schedule jobs 


What is it:

  • Platform for service providers to deploy WebAPI solutions with monetisation

  • Allows providers to charge for the services through a payment  / subscription infrastructure



  • Authorisation, authentication, logging, subscriptions, payments

  • Easy import of custom logic

  • Easy deployment

  • Easy subscription and payments

For more information on CoFlows check out their webiste here: or contact us below.

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