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Data Analytics


At the heart of any good data driven company is their analytics prowess. For some, it comes easy as they have the right technology, people and data to utilise. For others, the road to getting business insights is longer. However, we can help.

Using a variety of data analytics/business intelligence tools, we can turn your raw data into powerful insights. The areas we help under this service include:

  • Creation of dashboards and data visualisations

  • Data transformation and cleansing (otherwise known as ETL - extract transform load)

  • UX Design and Review

  • Dataset analysis and more. 

If you are after more advanced statistical testing, we help clients perform more in-depth analysis and insights on their data. This could be used to help determine deeper insights, make predictions or generate recommendations. 

Examples of this include the creation of statistical models using tools like Python to run regression testing on data. Or it may be a PCA (principal component analysis) on a wider range of factors. 

Under this banner, we also help clients who want to create new quantitative based products from their data. This could include the creaton of indexes that could be useful in the monetisation of data.

Examples of our work can be seen in the Apps section of our blog here: LINK


No matter how big or sophisticate your analytics team is, we all know there are times when the work can just be overwhelming. At times like that when you need a helping hand, we can be there as an extension of your team. We have provided this in a number of scenarios for clients including taking over existing internal/external management/stakeholder reports, preparation of annual reports and new dashboard creation.

Our expertise is in the following areas:

  • Excel modelling

  • Power Point presentations

  • Dashboard creation 

  • Dashboard improvements / UX Design

  • Data Storytelling

Contact us below to find out more about this service and how we can help you.

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