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Data Advisory Services for your business

Data Strategy

Our Data Strategy services help companies trying to figure out how to better leverage their data or technology infrastructure. This involves an assessment of what your company currently does and interviews with key stakeholders. A review of technologies and systems also follows but all done at a high level. 

In creating the Data Strategy we look at 

  • Data Acquisition

  • Data Ingestion and Processing

  • Data Governance

  • Report/Product creation 

  • Usage

The strategy review can help companies who are already sophisticated or those just getting started on their journey. 

Data Workflow Audits

Our Data Workflow Audit comprises of 3 stages, an Initial Review, a Data Audit and our Report Recommendations.

  • In our Initial Review we sit with you to determine your goals and get an understanding of your organisations relationship with their data and technology. Are you getting enough out of your IT spend? Are your KPIs and goals data driven and automated? We flesh these out at a high level and decide with you how to proceed.

  • Moving to the next stage is the In-Depth Reviews. This involves a mix of both in-person (or Zoom/Teams/etc) interviews as well as in-depth observations of data infrastructure and workflow. We combine the information from these sessions into a report which we use to guide our recommendations. The areas we look at during the audit include:

    • Systems Environments​

    • Data Storage Structures

    • Data and Technology Usage

    • Technology Awareness

    • Alignment of data with KPIs and Business Strategy

  • Report and Recommendations may come in the form of software or hardware recommendations as well as process improvements. We will look at leveraging your existing infrastructure in these recommendations where possible but if they are not delivering what you need then we will say so.

Product Creation / Project Management

We help clients who want to create new products from their data or 3rd party data and can also assist in the management of these projects. We run ideation sessions with our clients to flesh out what crucial product features their clients need. Additionally, our services also extend to helping with customer engagement and end user testing. 

The provision of project management services is also available if need be. 

Data Sourcing

NEA works with financial institutions, investment managers, and corporations to enable them to leverage data as a competitive edge. We offer these services through an outsourced data strategist model to streamline high quality data sourcing, vendor negotiations, data onboarding, and other strategic initiatives. NEA also engages with data owners and sellers to optimize their go-to-market strategies and monetize their data assets. 

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