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Coaching and Mentoring Services

Analytics Coaching

Leaning on over a decade of experience as an analyst and consultant, these sessions are designed to hone your expertise in the latest data analytics tools and techniques (including dashboard creation, chart and layout desing, planning and monitoring, data analysis and statistics). Whether you use Tableau, Power BI, Qlik or other tools we can help you level up your reporting skills and take things to the next level.

For Business Analysts we cover a variety of report creation improvements, tools that you can use to improve your data models and workflow as well as ways to level up your statistical analysis capabilities.

For Financial Analysts we go through ways to level up your existing data models, visualise them through data analytics tools and tell more compelling stories to internal investment teams or to clients.

Career Advice

Think of this as mentorship for those who are starting their careers or for those who are at a fork in the road and looking to change industries or jobs. Whether you're coming into the world from a non-technical skillset or you're a tehcnology person at heart and looking to bring your skills into the business world a bit more, we can help.

Leveraging the experience we have working as analysts in various industries we can help you by creating a bespoke learning and assessment program just for you. Each individuals needs are unique and whether its recommended online courses to take, practice projects we create for you or advice on how to manage the world of work politics from a data point of view, we can help. 

Advice/Coaching Services

Areas that we can help and coach you include:

  • Advice on useful tools to perform different tasks - takes into account your existing knowledge and what is in use at your place of work/school

  • Advice on useful datasets to use to build your own portfolio of work 

  • Career navigation and building out the different pathways you could take

  • Contacts (especially within finance and technology) that I can make/introduce you to

  • Mental health techniques I use to help de-stress

  • Bespoke scorecard and pathway checklist we can use to gauge progress

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