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Turning information into knowledge with data storytelling

We can help you turn your raw data into powerful data insights and knowledge. We work with your business to create effective dashboards, data visuals and stories to empower your users and create data-driven actions.

Examples of how we do this with Microsoft Power BI are available in the menu above. Get in touch if you want help with that or see what other services we provide.

Our Services

Our Services

The following services are on offer from New Era Analytics.


If any of these are of interest, click on Learn More to get in touch.

Visualisations / Dashboards

We can help you turn your raw data into powerful insights with a range of data visualisations, dashboards and other data storytelling techniques that can help you inspire action and communicate your insights effectively 

Data Strategy

If you already have an analytics strategy we can help you enhance it, if you're just getting started, we can help you map out the journey. ​Whether you're looking to harness your data for internal use cases or you are looking to monetise your data assets we can help

Project Management

Need our help running your next data project? Get in touch to see how we can provide supplementary services to any new data projects you are currently running or are planning to run in future. Our experience working in external consulting as well as building in-house technologies can help ensure your projects have greater chances of success.

Quantitative Analysis

Utilising our breadth and depth of knowledge building quantitative and statistical models for capital markets clients, we offer these services to clients looking to enhance their analytics practices and strategies.

Data Healthchecks

We provide data workflow and dashboard reviews to help you better understand where leakages may be occurring within your data pipelines. We identify any gaps you might have and help you to develop strategies that can mitigate and improve them.

Product Development

Looking to build a monetisable data product? We can help you given our experience building new data products from scratch and enhancing existing data products. Turning data insights into a monetisable asset that you can bring to market is something we can help you with.

Data Translation

If you've got different the right resources to leverage data in your organisation and you need better ways to communicate this with the business and other parts of the comapny we can help. Our experience working within business and technology teams means we have a unique view of data and how it can be leveraged to become more than just an afterthought.


"Mark represents the new era of data consulting and specialisation to Australia's economy. He is able to seamlessly advise, design, and integrate both packaged and bespoke, innovative solutions into a diverse range of business models from finance and fintech, through corporate, charity, and NFP's. I have seen him, in one meeting, model a framework that bridges a fintech-investment-property development model that focuses on social and sustainable change... Very impressive"

Michael McElligott

CEO of Smart Green Group

Want to learn more?

If you're interested in learning more about what we do and how we could help you with our services or advisory help for businesses or analysts then get in touch today.

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